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Know more about HotShot...

What is HotShot Coin?

Hotshot is an innovative proof-of-stake cryptocurrency,created to be the best POS coin, simply to use. Security,speed and support are our main aims. A unique opportunity that joins experience and a broad vision with highly competitive cryptomarkets. Under the supervision of professionals, we are proud to present you a new reality in cryptocurrencies.


Know some features about HotShot...


Community Focused

Proof of stake % ROI rewards, tweaked to avoid inflation.

Multiple Projects

20% of the profits generated from the projects will be contributed to the HotShot.

Solo Staking Optimized

Staking has been optimized making it easy to stake your HotShot within your own wallet

Reduced Volatility

HotShot Community Reserve provides market liquidity to reduce volatility

Fast Transactions

Transactions are received within seconds of sending.

Decentralized Network

Transactions and holdings are completely secure on a decentralized network.

Coin Specs


Used algorithm is Sha-256

Max Supply

Max supply only 30 ML



Block Time

Block time 3 mintues


PoS with variable ROI

Coinbase Maturity

10 blocks

Min Stake Age

Min stake age 2 hours


Recommended 10 confirmations

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Block Rewards

Phase Block From and To Rate of Interest
Phase 1 1 - 20,000 250 %
Phase 2 20,001 - 40,000 200 %
Phase 3 40,001 - 50,000 175 %
Phase 4 50,001 - 60,000 150 %
Phase 5 60,001 - 70,000 125 %
Phase 6 70,001 - 80,000 120 %
Phase 7 80,001 - 90,000 110 %
Phase 8 90,001 - 100,000 250 %
Phase 9 100,001 - 110,000 200 %
Phase 10 110,001 - 120,000 150 %
Phase 11 120,001 - 130,000 100 %
Phase 12 130,001 - 140,000 75 %
Phase 13 140,001 + 50 %

HTS is KYD verified

KYD is a platform that allows users of cryptocurrency to find and verify blockchain developers to create trust for investors, developers and projects.

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How it works


With HTS project we have many solutions to exchange your money or cryptocurrency exchange, casino and poker room are connected to our Skrill account to get quick access to our funds easily and securely.

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Q4 2018

  • Wallet Release
  • Explorer Release
  • Opening Marketing Campaigns
  • Open Discord Channel
  • Build a Website
  • Open all Social Media Channel
  • Start Hotdex exchange Development
  • Marketing campaign start
  • Discord Airdrop and Bounties
  • Exchange listing
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  • Hot Wallet Mobile Development
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Q1 2019

Q2 2019

  • Start Hotvegas Casino development
  • Start referral program for Hotvegas casino
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  • Hot poker Texas Holdem
  • Hot roulette
  • Hot black jack
  • Hot big lottery start
  • Open Hotdex Exchange
  • Open Hot Staking Platform
  • Roadmap Update
  • Listing other coin in exchange
  • Referral program for Exchange
  • Website Update

Q3 2019

About HotShot system


Hotshot is an innovative project that aims to manage multiple services in an easy and safe way. We want to facilitate the user to interact with our services effectively and quickly. The HTS system allows you to exchange crypto currencies in our HOTDEX play in our HOTVEGAS casino or challenge Texas holdem champions directly in our poker room.


The skill level of online poker players in recent years has grown considerably It is increasingly difficult to be competitive and updated in this game. Hotshot works with a team of professional poker players who live between Italy and Malta with decades of experience in the field. HTS connects the Crypto with poker sport. Earn staking and earn the chance to play poker and try to win the jackpots from the tournaments, or take lessons in our school from our champions and pay in HTS, they will help you to improve your game.


To play poker you need a lot of perseverance and a lot of time and most people do not have too much time to dedicate. With HTS it is easy to buy a percentage of the BUY IN of your favorite player. Choose from the various players that make available their skills to increase your capital. Play with them and also win a part of the jackpot!


Over time, the hotshot staff will choose the best players on the platform to sponsor them as official HTS players Take part in the ranking to become the best player ever! Accept the challenge and become part of the champions. By becoming a pro team, thanks to the hts community you can take part in the most prestigious Live tournaments in the world. Malta, Las Vegas, Barcelona, ​​Prague, London, Nova Gorica seems much closer with HTS !!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HotShot?

HotShot is a new PoS cryptocurrency with great returns and a very promising PoS structure

How Can I buy HotShot Coin?

You can buy HTS from our exchange or from our partners’ exchanges.

How do I stake?

Staking is automatic, but your local wallet must be online and unlocked for staking.

How often does staking occur?

One eligible staker is rewarded on average every three minutes.

How does minimum maturity affect coin staking?

Coins must have been waiting after being in a transaction for a minimum of 2 hours before being eligible to receive rewards.

What is the maximum maturity time?

Staked HotShot is fully mature at an age of 72 hours / 3 days. After which it has accrued its maximum weight.

How is the stake reward calculated?

The received reward will be the current daily % multiplied by days waiting.

Why is there a fee when I send coins to myself?

All transactions have a fee to help mitigate attacks on the network.

Do I need to send my stake rewards to myself when I receive them?

Stake rewards are automatically added to the original staked lot.

Why did my coins split when I received my stake reward?

Staked coins may split into multiple lots to match network weight after a reward is received.

Why haven’t I received stake rewards when I have coins in my wallet?

To receive stake rewards, your local wallet must be online and unlocked for staking. The more HotShot you have and the more your wallet is online staking, the more often you will stake.

My wallet is offline, did I lose my stake?

No, your stake will continue to accrue weight while the wallet is offline, but stake rewards can only be received with the wallet online and connected to the network more often you will stake.

Will I be more likely to stake if I keep the same wallet open on multiple computers?

No, keeping the wallet open on multiple computers does not increase your chance to stake. But it may help in ensuring at least one wallet stays connected to the network for stake rewards to be received.

Where can I find more information about this coin?

You can find more information from our website.