Add New Currency

Module for Adding New Currency

To add a currency to HOTDEX, complete the following form by carefully following these inquiries.

The transaction is only done on Discord and after completing this form one of the HOTDEX team managers will contact you. For security, please make sure to speak with these people.


MCLXI#9531 448718589793533952

reisub#0337 497443142300073986


MaGe-AceD#9956 354362190737702913

Pablo Allegro#7473 377803480619941889

MOCHO 17#0581 332268106510762004


Alan Arias#5397 492748610841214976

Hott3st#0165 509307170647441418

Mr.Francisco#3078 492748610841214976

Mr Mizzi#0522 489758978775973889

Again Please Verify Hash Tag and team id before paying. If you still do kind of deal with any non related with team, Hotdex will be not responsible.

Submit a Request for Listing

Normal listing: 10,000 HTS

Generally 5 days from payment to listing.

# Buy HTS in HotDex

# Buy HTS in CoinExchange

Standard listing: 0.3 BTC

Generally 5-7 days from payment to listing.

Fast listing: 0.5 BTC

Generally 24 hours from payment to listing.

Pre-sale support

PRE-SALE directly in exchange + 0.5 BTC (The fees will be subtracted directly from the presale income)

# The time may vary depending on the problems that may occur due to a wrong wallet compilation or any other problem. In this case we will contact you.

# In association with Staking Lab (link here), all the projects can a have a Discount of 15% if they  wish wish to get listed on Both sides.

# If the association of our partners as Evonodes (link here) is added to the lisitng  (normal price 0.1) the team ensures a 10% Discount on both sides.

Additional Services

# Fork / Swap 0.15 BTC with a week’s notice for ratio of 1: 1


# For FAST Fork / Swap 0.3 BTC for ratio of 1: 1


# For a different ratio the price is 0.5 BTC


# The market reward is – 0.2 BTC

With our market reward we help your community and traders to save on market fees. having the possibility to trade at almost 0 fees.


# In Exchange Staking service – 0.2 BTC

Allow your coins to be able to stake within the exchange and help your community to get the stake reward flawlessly.


# Fill out the form to add the coin


# Make payment of 10k HTS and send to this address



# If the source code of the daemon produces any kind of damage financial to HOTDEX in case of malfunction or containing serious bugs or exploits, the user accepts to fully compensate all damages.


# HOTDEX calls for a minimum daily volume threshold of 0.1 BTC / day, averaging over 30 days. If the threshold is not met for 2 consecutive months, we may choose to remove the coin.


# You will be notified after 1 month if the trading volume has been insufficient.


# No refund will be issued / given after the Payment is made.


# Remember that the quotation and all the services can be paid directly in HTS coin with a 10% discount.

Other Important Notes

Coin of the Week

# HOTDEX allows us to insert the logo or ticker at the top of the exchange for the promotion of your currency that are clearly visible on the exchange page the price is 0.05 BTC per week for the luminous ticker and 0.1 BTC per week for a flashing logo.

Social Promotion

# We ourselves promote your currency in our social networks 1 ad with a regular banner is always free in all our spaces.

  • – Annunciation of your currency in our official . Twitter with professional video – 0.1 BTC.
  • – Twitter service from our personal advisers 0.5 BTC. they will help you promote your currency   in order to make it visible to thousands of their followers.   the service includes a tweet with giveaway in HTS for all participants- (we can also use your currency).   Team HotDex ensures strong visibility for your currency. 
  • – Advertisement in our BITHOTforum with personalized description – 0.1 BTC.
  • – Airdrop service directly in exchange – 0.025 BTC.

    • – Invite bounty to grow your followers and your discord channel  in collaboration with our advisors who will promote your currency with special and personalized promotions. –  0.4 BTC.


# Remember that the quotation and all the services can be paid directly in HTS with a 10% discount.


# For any other information you can find us in our channel Discord (link here) or contact us at


# We remind you that the HotDex team would like to guarantee the safety of our investors. and undertakes to carefully review all listing proposals which may be excluded if anomalies or problems of any kind are found


#Warning! If the project listed turns out to be a scam or a simple dump, we will stop trading and we will proceed with delisting to safeguard our customers.


#HOTDEX is a safe, simple and reliable exchange and the whole team works hard to support a superior trading experience. the safety of our investors is our priority.